Is It Possible to Get Free Raccoon Removal?

Raccoons are prevalent in cities and urban areas. There is an enormous number of raccoons in cities as this is where they are able to find a steady supply of food. As soon as they run out of food, they will move away. The problem with this is that as long as sanitation services in cities are poor, there will always be food around. Raccoons are omnivores and do not have a particularly discerning palate. They will eat whatever you have discarded in your garbage. This means your home will become a viable place for them to live. 

Keeping them away 

The only way to keep your home free of raccoons is by eliminating their food source. This can be done in multiple ways. 

  • Lock your garbage can so that they are unable to reach the contents. You can lock it away inside a shed or garage or even behind a gate. As long as the raccoon cannot reach it, it will be safe. If this is not possible, you can lock the lid to keep them from reaching the food, even if they knock it over. 
  • Move your pet’s food inside. We often feed our pets outside and leave uneaten food in their bowls overnight. These nutritious morsels will keep them coming back for more. 
  • Place bird feeder inside at night. Birds will not come and look for food after sunset. When the feeder is left in an area where raccoons can reach it, you are inviting them over in the same way as you are inviting the birds. You should also clean up discarded food that has fallen out of the feeder. 
  • Pick up fruit that has fallen from trees. If you have a fruit tree, the fruit will start dropping when it becomes too ripe. This leaves them in the perfect spot for raccoons to collect them. 


If you have a raccoon on your property, they can become a nuisance. They are carriers of the rabies virus, and you should be very careful before you approach them. The ideal is to get a professional to remove them. Unfortunately, this can become quite expensive. Most professional wildlife removers will come and give you a free quotation. You can then decide whether it would be worth it. 

Free removal 

Finding someone to help you with your raccoon problem isn’t too difficult. Finding someone to do it for free is close to impossible. 

  • Your local college or university may be looking for animals to do experiments on. This is a very cruel option, and it would be better to leave the raccoon to its own devices. 
  • If the raccoon appears to be seriously ill, you can call animal control. They are not in the business of removing nuisance animals unless it is hazardous. As raccoons can be carriers of the rabies virus, they will collect it if it is exhibiting any signs of infection. 
  • If you are elderly or disabled and the raccoon is becoming a safety hazard you can call your local sheriff’s office. If they are unable to assist, they might be able to point you in the right direction. 
  • The only way that you can be sure will work is to do it yourself.