The Best Way to Scare Raccoons Away

Many people will tell you that raccoons are close to impossible to keep out of your yard. They are not wrong. These omnivorous creatures are always scratching through garbage cans in search of food. The best way to get rid of them is to remove their source of food. If they are unable to access your garbage then they will need to search elsewhere for a place to find sustenance. 

How to scare them away 

Whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term solution, scaring raccoons away may be easier said than done. They are urbanized animals, meaning that they are quite happy living in close proximity to the sounds that come with living in busy urban areas. If you are attempting to scare a raccoon away there are some ways that are more effective than others. 

  • Motion activated sprinklers. These can be installed around the perimeter of your home. As soon as the raccoon breaches the barrier, they will be detected by the sensor. They will then be sprayed with a sharp blast of water. Raccoons are smart animals, and this is not a permanent solution. They will soon discover other ways onto your property if they are motivated enough. The only way to make sure the sprinkler keeps them out is to make sure the rest of your property is impenetrable. 
  • Air horns. Make sure you have a portable air horn handy when you see a raccoon close to your garden. This will be less popular with your neighbors but should keep them raccoon away. You will need to blow the horn every time you see a raccoon to ensure that they are sufficiently warned off. 
  • Dogs are not only good companions. They also scare a multitude of wild animals away from your property. Allow your dog to roam the perimeter, particularly at night. This is the time when raccoons are most likely to be searching for food. 

Keeping them out 

Scaring the raccoon away might be a viable option if you are keeping watch 24/7. If you are concerned that raccoons may be entering your property when you are not around, you will need to find another solution. The best way to do this is to make sure they cannot find food or water on your property. 

  • Close swimming pools or exposed fish ponds with netting. Raccoons like to “wash” their food before eating it, and an open pool of water is a huge attraction. 
  • Close chicken and bird coops securely. Raccoons will not only eat the eggs, but they will also try to get to the birds. If you are concerned about this then make sure that they aren’t able to access the inside of the coop. 
  • Move pet food inside when you go to bed at night. Uneaten pet food will attract a multitude of animals to your property. 
  • It is worth mentioning again. Remove garbage cans or lock the lids so that the raccoons are unable to get to the food inside.